Relationship Property

We can help you if there is a relationship property dispute

If you have separated from your partner or spouse we can help you with the property issues which often arise such as how any property will be divided between you, who gets to stay in the family home, whether your partner is entitled to a share in any property you own in a trust or whether you are entitled to spousal maintenance. If you have already agreed how you want to deal with any issues arising out of your separation we can assist you with recording your settlement in a relationship property agreement which meets all the legal requirements to ensure it is binding.


You may not be able to reach agreement with your partner. We can help you negotiate a settlement. We can also work through your other options with you including mediation or taking the matter to Court.


Has your partner died and not provided for you in their Will? We can advise whether you may be entitled to a share of their estate.


Do you want to protect your property from a future claim by your partner if you separate or die? We can help you prepare an agreement that sets out what property will remain yours and what will be shared with your partner.


If you have split up with your partner and you have children together, then you need a lawyer to help you get an agreement where you have the care and contact of your children that you deserve. We are experienced and can help you get such an agreement and failing this, with court proceedings relating to the care of your children.


Family violence
If you have been in a violent relationship or someone has accused you of being violent, then we can help you. Whether you need a protection order or want to defend one, we can help you achieve the best results. We will make sure that you and your children are safe from further violence or that you don’t end up with a protection order against you when there shouldn’t be one.

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